There is nothing that I love more than photographing beautiful families in the blossoms. I look for them wherever I go. At the sand dunes, the mountains, and the orchards! This BYUI orchards maternity session was a dream. Beautiful blossoms, beautiful evening, and beautiful family!! This cute family lives in my neighborhood. Ayancy was one […]

BYUI Orchards Maternity Session

It can be overwhelming to know where to start when it comes to camera gear. Today I am going to go over understanding camera lenses, and help you guys see the pros and cons of different lenses. There are two different types of lenses. Prime lenses and zoom lenses. The prime lens keeps the same […]

Understanding Camera Lenses

It’s wedding season! What a beautiful time of year! Wedding details are one of my favorite things to capture on wedding days. There is so much going on that it can be hard for the bride and groom to enjoy all of the little things on their big day. That’s why I’m there! I love […]

Wedding Details

How to Credit Your Photographer There is nothing a photographer loves more than to hear that you love their work! There are several different ways to thank your photographer. I am going to tell you my favorite three ways to be thanked for my work! Tag your photographer on social media posts. If you post […]

How to Credit Your Photographer

I often times go drive and hike around town looking for great places to take pictures. It is just so convenient for everyone to stay in Idaho Falls! Anna Christine Photography recommended this place, and so I went and checked it out with my boys and husband one night. It is beautiful! This precious family […]

Ryder Park Family Photos

Well guys, my precious little Henry has graduated from preschool, and it completely breaks my heart. Where is time going?? I wish so badly I could slow it down! HIs preschool graduation was the cutest thing ever. I was so happy to go and see all of the cute kids he has been talking about […]

Preschool Graduation

Many of my couples get married in LDS temples. You have probably seen several pictures of the fancy looking buildings on Instagram. So, what’s the deal with LDS temples? Why is everyone getting married in them? And why can’t everyone go inside?Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints believe that temples are […]

LDS Temples

I had a shoot up at the St. Anthony sand dunes this week, so I decided to stop by this stylized shoot on my way up there. Man, I’m sure happy that I did! It was so gorgeous! Joni from Plush Floral and Anna from Anna Christine Photography put in a lot of work and […]

The Avenues Stylized Shoot

Aperture is one of the three corners of the exposure triangle. It is important to understand, because knowing how to master aperture can help you allow the correct amount of light into your camera and control the blur, or bokeh, in your background.  Aperture refers to an opening in the camera lens that allows light […]


I had so much fun at this Ririe stylized shoot! Plush Floral, Cocofloras, and Annachristine Photography hosted this stylized shoot and it turned out SO beautiful. I have photographed Chloe and Chance before, and I could tell that they were an awesome couple. I was sad I only got to photograph them for a few […]

Ririe Stylized Shoot

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